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Twilio Segment Edge SDK Powered by Cloudflare Workers

Twilio Segment Edge SDK Powered by Cloudflare Workers

The Cloudflare team was so excited to hear how Twilio Segment solved problems they encountered with tracking first-party data and personalization using Cloudflare Workers. We are happy to have guest bloggers Pooya Jaferian and Tasha Alfano from Twilio Segment to share their story.


Twilio Segment is a customer data platform that collects, transforms, and activates first-party customer data. Segment helps developers collect user interactions within an application, form a unified customer record, and sync it to hundreds of different marketing, product, analytics, and data warehouse integrations.

There are two “unsolved” problem with app instrumentation today:

Problem #1: Many important events that you want to track happen on the “wild-west” of the client, but collecting those events via the client can lead to low data quality, as events are dropped due to user configurations, browser limitations, and network connectivity issues.

Problem #2: Applications need access to real-time (

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