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Issue #553 (Nov. 29, 2022)

#553 – NOVEMBER 29, 2022

Microsoft Power BI and Python: Two Superpowers Combined

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install and configure Microsoft Power BI to work with Python. Using Python, you’ll import data from a SQLite database, transform and augment your dataset with pandas, and visualize it with Matplotlib.

Parallel Nested for-Loops in Python

Nested for-loops often are an opportunity for parallel code. This article covers when it is a good idea to split them up and the variety of different parallel coding approaches you can use.

Painless and Worry Free Postgres

Find out why vanilla Postgres is a more cost effective and simple way to manage your database than shiny Postgres “compatible” databases. Performance tuned, no-forks, quality Postgres with expert support. Built for developer experience. Get started today →

How We Run Tests in Hundreds of Environments Really Fast

Anton describes the test setup at Sentry and how they use both tox in parallel as well as GitHub actions to run a large test suite quickly.


The Origins of Python

This discussion is around the excellent article by Lambert Meertens called The Origins of Python that delves into Python’s history.

Python Jobs

Software Engineer – Weissman Lab (Cambridge, MA, USA)

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Senior Software Engineer (Python, Qt, Linux) (Anywhere)


More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

Everyday Project Packaging With pyproject.toml

In this Code Conversation video course, you’ll learn how to package your everyday projects with pyproject.toml. Playing on the same team as the import system means you can call your project from anywhere, ensure consistent imports, and have one file that’ll work for many build systems.

Always Use [closed, open) Intervals

“Intervals or ranges pop-up everywhere in the programming world. The classic example is picking a start and end date, like you would when booking an AirBnB or a flight. Have you ever wondered why they are always implemented as [closed, open) as opposed to [closed, closed]?”

Top 10 Vulns Impacting Open Source in 2022

You might know all about the incredibly useful and insightful OWASP Top 10 list from 2021, but what about the exact CVEs that could be lurking in your applications? Check out Snyk Top 10 Open Source Vulnerability report to get up to date on 2022’s most common vulnerabilities →
SNYK.IO sponsor

16 Reasons to Use VS Code for Developing Jupyter Notebooks

“Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular text editors with a track record of continual improvements. One area where VS Code has been recently innovating is its Jupyter Notebook support.” Read on to see how this might help you.

Python Bytecode Explained

When a Python program is run, the interpreter first parses your code and checks for syntax errors, then it translates it into bytecode instructions. This article explains some of the features of Python bytecode.

plydata: Piping for Pandas

The plydata Python package enables you to use the pipe operator, ">>", to chain operations on a pandas dataframe. Read on to learn how to use it and how it compares to the equivalent operation in R.
MARCIN KOZAK • Shared by Marcin

REPL Driven Development

REPL Driven Development is about fast feedback loops during development. It is not about typing code into a terminal window. David talks about this coding workflow and how it is similar to TDD.
DAVID VUJIC • Shared by David Vujic

Python JSONPath With Example

JSONPath is an expression language that is used to parse the JSON data in Python, similar to XPath in XML. This article covers the basics of finding paths in JSON using the library.

Deploy Django, Celery, Redis & Postgres With Docker-Compose

Deployments can be painful. This article describes one approach to deploying Django, Celery, Redis, and Postgres with docker-compose so you can reuse it in your app!
PIOTR PŁOŃSKI • Shared by Piotr Płoński

Deepnote Is a Modern Notebook Where Data Teams Go to Explore, Collaborate, and Solve Hard Problems

Explore data with Python & SQL from your browser. Add context with data visualizations and rich text editing. Share analysis with stakeholders by simply sending a link. Plans start at $0 (free).
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Private, “Protected” Attributes in Python Demystified

A guide to private and protected attributes in Python, learn all about when to use and when not to use leading underscores and double underscores (dunder).
AMIR AFIANIAN • Shared by Amir Afianian

Investigating a Backdoored PyPI Package Targeting FastAPI

Using an open source security scanner, the authors found a backdoored package on PyPI. Read on for details about how they found it and what it contained.

Projects & Code

quickadd: Parse Natural Language Time and Date Expressions


Python Tools for the Polylith Architecture

GITHUB.COM/DAVIDVUJIC • Shared by David Vujic

django-virtual-models: Django ORM Prefetching Layer


Colossal-AI: Unified Deep Learning System for Big Model Era


pytorch-image-models: Models, Scripts, Pre-Trained Weights



NZPUG-Auckland Coding Challenge “Office Hours”

November 30, 2022

Deep Learning With PyTorch

November 30, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

November 30, 2022

PyDelhi User Group Meetup

December 3, 2022

Sydney Python User Group (SyPy)

December 1, 2022

Happy Pythoning!
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