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Get started with Cloudflare Workers with ready-made templates

Get started with Cloudflare Workers with ready-made templates

One of the things we prioritize at Cloudflare is enabling developers to build their applications on our developer platform with ease. We’re excited to share a collection of ready-made templates that’ll help you start building your next application on Workers. We want developers to get started as quickly as possible, so that they can focus on building and innovating and avoid spending so much time configuring and setting up their projects.

Introducing API to write integration and end-to-end tests. We want to enable not just the developer experience but also nudge developers to follow best practices and prioritize TDD in development. We configured a number of templates to support integration tests against a local server, this will serve as a template to help you set up tests in your projects.

Here’s an example using Wrangler’s unstable_dev API and Vitest test framework to test the code written in an example ‘Hello worker’ starter template:

import { unstable_dev } from 'wrangler';
import { describe, expect, it, beforeAll, afterAll } from 'vitest';

describe('Worker', () => {
 let worker;

 beforeAll(async () => {
   worker = await unstable_dev('index.js', {}, { disableExperimentalWarning: true });

 afterAll(async () => {
   await worker.stop();

 it('should return Hello worker!', async () => {
   const resp = await worker.fetch();
   if (resp) {
     const text = await resp.text();
     expect(text).toMatchInlineSnapshot(`"Hello worker!"`);

Online IDE Integration with StackBlitz

We announced StackBlitz’s partnership with Cloudflare Workers during Platform Week early this year. We believe a developer’s experience should be of utmost priority because we want them to build with ease on our developer platform.

StackBlitz is an online development platform for building web applications. It is powered by WebContainers, the first WebAssembly-based operating system which boots Node.js environments in milliseconds, securely within your browser tab.

We made it even easier to get started with Workers with an integrated Open with StackBlitz button for each starter template, making it easier to create a fork of a template and the great thing is you only need a web browser to build your application.

Everything we’ve highlighted in this post, all leads to one thing – How can we create a better experience for developers getting started with Workers. We introduce these ready-made templates to make you more efficient, bring you a wholesome developer experience and help improve your time to deployment. We want you to spend less time getting started with building on the Workers developer platform, so what are you waiting for?

Next Steps

You can start building your own Worker today using the available templates provided in the templates collection to help you get started. If you would like to contribute your own templates to the collection, be sure to send in a pull request we’re more than happy to review and add to the growing collection. Share what you have built with us in the #builtwith channel on our Discord community. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord Developers Community server.

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