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For Windows 8, the end is near

Let’s say it’s your favorite version of Windows. It allows you to specifically download updates. It doesn’t insert cartoons or ads into your search engine. It doesn’t move your icons around. It’s well behaved.

And yet, it’s a flavor of Windows most people don’t even use.

I’m talking about, of course, Windows 8.1. (You didn’t really think I was describing Windows 11, did you?)

And, like every other major operating system Microsoft develops, Windows 8 is coming to its end of life.

Just as important for Windows 8 users, if not more so, is support for browsers. Often, users will continue to run an out-of-date, unsupported platform long after its end of life — as long as there is a supported browser that still works. Windows 7, for instance, has had a longer-than-normal life because of the Extended Software support Microsoft has provided; that’s given it an extra three years. Sure, each year meant an increase in price. But there clearly were enough firms using Windows 7 to keep Microsoft in the business of patching the old OS.

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Source:: Computerworld