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What everyone’s getting wrong about the Google Pixel 7

Do a little leisure reading about Google’s shiny new Pixel 7 phones, and you’re bound to encounter a handful of common conclusions:

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are mostly meant to be reference devices and demo-like showcases for Google’s software.
Google doesn’t expect many people (or businesses!) to buy ’em.
Pixel phones in general have been total commercial flops.

As someone who’s studied, written about, and personally owned Pixels since the start — and the same with the Google’s self-developed Nexus phones before ’em — lemme tell ya: These fly-by analyses couldn’t be more inaccurate.

And, fittingly enough, they’re almost always put out there by people who don’t use Pixels themselves, have little to no connection to the thriving community of Pixel owners and enthusiasts, and more often than not are iPhone owners who try on their Android philosopher hats two to three times a year — only while observing the platform’s most high-profile and impossible-to-miss launches.

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Source:: Computerworld