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Report: Price of flash memory to drop faster, further in Q4

Back in August, TrendForce Research predicted that due to an oversupply in NAND flash memory, the price of SSDs could drop by 5% to 10% in the third quarter.

Since then, the economy has only worsened and the oversupply has continued, and while TrendForce hasn’t reported the Q3 actuals, it’s now predicting 15% to 20% drop in NAND flash prices in the fourth quarter on top of the Q3 drop..

TrendForce says buyers of NAND flash memory—vendors that make SSDs but don’t manufacture their own memory—have reduced their NAND inventory and cut back on new purchases in the second half of the year. Meanwhile makers of memory drastically reduced prices to boost sales. Now TrendForce predicts that before the end of the year, suppliers will be selling memory at a loss and reduce production.

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Source:: Network World – Data Center