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Cloudflare DDoS threat report 2022 Q3

Cloudflare DDoS threat report 2022 Q3

Welcome to our DDoS Threat Report for the third quarter of 2022. This report includes insights and trends about the DDoS threat landscape – as observed across Cloudflare’s can use those tools to launch attacks against their school during exam season or any other website they desire to take down or disrupt. This is as opposed to organized crime, Advanced Persistent Threat actors, and state-level actors that can launch much larger and sophisticated attacks.

Distribution of DDoS attacks by bitrate in 2022 Q3

Similarly, most of the attacks are very short and end within 20 minutes (94%). This quarter we did see an increase of 9% in attacks of 1-3 hours, and a 3% increase in attacks over 3 hours — but those are still the outliers.

QoQ change in the duration of DDoS attacks in 2022 Q3

Even with the largest attacks, such as the 2.5 Tbps attack we mitigated earlier this quarter, and the 26M request per second attack we mitigated back in the summer, the peak of the attacks were short-lived. The entire 2.5 Tbps attack lasted about 2 minutes, and the peak of the 26M rps attack only 15 seconds. This emphasizes the need for automated, always-on solutions. Security teams can’t respond quick enough. By the time the security engineer looks at the PagerDuty notification on their phone, the attack has subsided.


Attacks may be initiated by humans, but they are executed by bots — and to play to win, you must fight bots with bots. Detection and mitigation must be automated as much as possible, because relying solely on humans puts defenders at a disadvantage. Cloudflare’s automated systems constantly detect and mitigate DDoS attacks for our customers, so they don’t have to.

Over the years, it has become easier, cheaper, and more accessible for attackers and attackers-for-hire to launch DDoS attacks. But as easy as it has become for the attackers, we want to make sure that it is even easier – and free – for defenders of organizations of all sizes to protect themselves against DDoS attacks of all types. We’ve been providing unmetered and unlimited DDoS protection for free to all of our customers since 2017 — when we pioneered the concept.

Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. A better Internet is one that is more secure, faster, and reliable for everyone – even in the face of DDoS attacks.

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