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CDK For Kubernetes (CDK8s) announces general availability of CDK8s+ and manifest validation support

CDK For Kubernetes Plus (CDK8s+) is a multi-language class library for defining Kubernetes applications using high level intent based constructs. Customers defining Kubernetes application indicate that maintainability of Kubernetes manifests is challenging; CDK8s+ aims to lower the entry barrier and improve maintainability of Kubernetes manifests by offering a hand crafted construct for each core Kubernetes object, exposing a richer API with reduced complexity. With this launch, CDK8s+ is now generally available and stable for use. This means that the API will remain unchanged and fully supported (no breaking changes), at least until the next major version. CDK8s+ is vended as a separate library for each Kubernetes spec version, all those libraries are now generally available and stable to use.

Source:: Amazon AWS