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Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access for WSP now includes 7 new features, including bi-directional audio/video

Amazon WorkSpaces now supports the following new features for WorkSpaces Web Access using the WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP):

Bi-directional audio/video – IT administrators can make video conferencing and other tools that use webcam and microphone available to their end users who use Web Access, to enhance the ability of teams to collaborate from anywhere.
Clipboard redirection – Users can copy and paste from their local client to their remote WorkSpace, or vice versa. Clipboard permission can be enabled, disabled, or enabled unidirectionally.
Time zone redirection – Administrators and users can now configure their Windows WorkSpace to use the web client’s local time zone. This enables administrators and users to improve productivity by making it easier to use applications, such as calendar apps, that utilize their local time.
Streaming metrics – Customers can now view streaming metrics such as frame rate, network latency, and download bandwidth inside their WorkSpaces Web Access session.
Display resolution – Web Access now offers the option to configure the display resolution of the remote WorkSpaces. Customers can set it to a fixed resolution or to adapt dynamically to the Web Access’ client window resolution.
Relative mouse positioning – Many 3D, design, or visual effects applications require relative mouse positioning for the best mouse performance. Users can now enable relative mouse positioning inside WorkSpaces Web Access.
Mac keyboard preferences – Users can configure WorkSpaces Web Access to remap Option and Command keys.

Source:: Amazon AWS