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Issue #543 (Sept. 20, 2022)

#543 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Build an Alexa Equivalent in Python

It’s not as difficult as you think to build an AI program that listens to speech and answers questions. You can make the magic happen in an afternoon by leveraging a few Python packages and APIs.

Recipes From Python SQLite Docs

The official documentation of Python’s sqlite3 module is a little short on examples. This article lists various in-depth examples that cover the most commonly used APIs in the module.
REDOWAN DELOWAR • Shared by Redowan Delowar

Scout APM: A Performance Monitoring Tool Built for Developers

Scout’s always-on monitoring will keep you ahead of performance outliers and allow you to analyze increased response time. With dashboards that will help you drill down into specific endpoints, Scout will save you time and resources and give your developers time to build applications people love →
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Custom Python Lists: Inheriting From list vs UserList

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create custom list-like classes in Python by inheriting from the built-in list class or by subclassing UserList from the collections module.

Python 3.11.0rc2 Released



Lazy Imports for Python

A short article discussing PEP 690 which proposes support for lazy imports in Python, followed by an in-depth discussion by the LWN community.

What’s the Best Source Code You’ve Read?


Python Jobs

Senior Software Engineer Backend (USA)

Muck Rack

Senior Backend Engineer (Anywhere)


Django Developer (USA)

Abnormal Security

Python Developer (Anywhere)

SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer, Python (Backend) (Anywhere)


Software Development Lead (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Software Engineer – Backend/Python (100% Remote) (Anywhere)


Software Engineer (Los Angeles or Dallas) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Causeway Capital Management LLC

Enterprise GIS Data Engineer (Information Systems Analyst) (San Jose, CA, USA)

City of San Jose

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

Django Favicon Guide

Favicons are the little icons you see in your browser tabs. Your web browser looks in very specific places for these icons, and different browsers expect different file names and types. This article runs you through two different ways of getting favicons working in your Django web project.

Python Basics: Conditional Logic & Control Flow

In this Python Basics video course, you’ll learn how use conditional logic to write programs that perform different actions based on different conditions. Paired with functions and loops, conditional logic allows you to write complex programs that can handle many different situations.

Your AI Opportunity Awaits

Python devs with AI training are rapidly advancing their careers while building the future. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills to tackle tomorrow’s technological challenges. Stand out in a competitive economic environment with the Intel® Edge AI Certification →

Meta Spins Off PyTorch Foundation

PyTorch is a popular open-source deep-learning framework originally created by Meta/Facebook. Meta has announced that it is creating an independent organization called the PyTorch Foundation that will operate as part of the Linux Foundation, making the framework vendor-neutral.

Python Dictionary Operations You Should Know

The dict is one of the basic data structures in Python. It is truly at the core of Python and is used everywhere. This article runs you through some common operations on dictionaries, including initialization, merging, comprehensions, and more.

How to Replace a String in Python

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to remove or replace a string or substring. You’ll go from the basic string method .replace() all the way up to a multi-layer regex pattern using the sub() function from Python’s re module.

Evolution of Access Control Explained Through Python

Sometimes writing code can help you explore and understand concepts. This article shows a history of access controls in software using Python scripts to re-implement the ideas.
ADAM BUGGIA • Shared by Adam Buggia

Find Your Next Tech Job Through Hired

Hired has 1000s of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s that are actively hiring developers, data scientists, mobile engineers, and more. Create a profile with your skills and preferences for hiring managers to reach you. Sign up today!
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Why You Should Use Data Classes in Python

Know what a Data Class is? Do you know how to use one? Know the differences from regular classes? This article answers these questions and more.
GIULIANO PERTILE • Shared by Giuliano Pertile

The Maze of Python Dependency Management

This article gives an overview of how dependencies are handled within virtual environments and what you can do when transitive dependencies are in conflict.

Projects & Code

simplerecon: 3D Reconstruction Without Convolutions


django-imagekit: Automated Image Processing for Django


s3sqlite: Query SQLite Files in S3 Using S3fs


Python Data Visualization Cookbook


chard: async/await Task Queue for Django



DjangoCon Europe 2022

September 21 to September 26, 2022

An Applied Introduction to Finite State Machines

September 21, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

September 21, 2022

PyCon Portugal 2022

September 24 to September 25, 2022

Webinar: Writing REST With Django and Ninja

September 27, 2022, 11AM EDT

Happy Pythoning!
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