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Issue #541 (Sept. 6, 2022)

#541 – SEPTEMBER 6, 2022

Creating a Python Code Completer & More AST Projects

How does a code completion tool work? What is an Abstract Syntax Tree, and how is it created in Python? How does an AST help you write programs and projects that inspect and modify your Python code? This week on the show, Meredydd Luff, co-founder of Anvil, shares his PyCon talk, “Building a Python Code Completer.”

Python String Methods to Know

Python’s strings have 47 methods. That’s almost as many string methods as there are built-in functions in Python! Which string methods should you learn first?
TREY HUNNER • Shared by Trey Hunner

The Developer Experience you Always Wanted for Postgres

Launch PostgreSQL today with Crunchy Bridge on any cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, & Heroku. Getting you better performance, support, and developer tools. Fully-managed operations with around the clock support and monitoring for all tiers. Postgres questions? 100% Postgres experts on support

Dragon Curve in Python 🐍

A Dragon Curve is a kind of fractal image. This article introduces you to the math behind the curve and how to draw one using a Python script.
GIULIANO PERTILE • Shared by Giuliano Pertile


Do You Still Buy/Read Technical Books?


Suggest a Lesser Known Library Deserving Attention?


Python Jobs

Senior Software Engineer Backend (USA)

Muck Rack

Senior Backend Engineer (Anywhere)


Django Developer (USA)

Abnormal Security

Python Developer (Anywhere)

SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer, Python (Backend) (Anywhere)


Software Development Lead (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Software Engineer – Backend/Python (Anywhere)


Software Engineer (Los Angeles or Dallas, USA)

Causeway Capital Management LLC

Backend Software Engineer (Anywhere)


Enterprise GIS Data Engineer (San Jose, CA, USA)

City of San Jose

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

Gevent for the Working Python Developer

This step-by-step tutorial runs you through the use of gevent, a Python concurrency library. It covers synchronous and asynchronous execution, determinism, timeouts, monkey-patching, and much more. It has also been translated into Italian and Japanese.

Python Package Manager Shootout

A performance based shootout for pdm, pip-tools, pipenv, and poetry. It compares installation, lock file processing, and the time to add and update packages. Speed isn’t everything for tool choice, but knowing the difference may help you choose.

Scout APM: Find and Fix Performance Issues with Ease

Scout’s APM tool pinpoints and prioritizes performance and stability issues in Python applications. With Scout’s tracing logic, developers can detect the exact line of code causing the performance abnormality, and with detailed backtraces, you can fix the issue before customers ever notice →
SCOUT APM sponsor

Why Your Website Should Be Under 14kB in Size

Everyone knows that smaller sites load faster, but did you know specific limits can make a big difference? Due to how TCP works and packets are grouped, a 14kB page can load more than half a second faster than a 15kB page. Learn why.

How Can You Install a Pre-Release Version of Python?

If you want to have a peek at what’s coming in the next stable version of Python, then you can install a pre-release version. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to access the latest Python versions and help test them.

Some Ways to Get Better at Debugging

A short summary of a couple of academic papers on how to improve your debugging skills, broken down into: learn the codebase, learn the system, learn your tools, learn strategies, and gain experience.

The Five Worst Things About Jupyter Notebooks

Daniel talks about how, despite once loving Jupyter, things keep getting in his way. Read about the downsides of notebooks and why one data scientist is moving to other tools.

Deepnote: Data Science Notebook for Collaboration

Real-time collaboration: Work together with your friends, teammates, and colleagues. Fully managed: Deepnote runs in your browser, so you start coding in seconds on any device. Works with your stack: Tap into dozens of native data integrations.
DEEPNOTE sponsor

Topic Detection in Podcast Episodes With Python

This tutorial shows you how to transcribe a podcast using a speech-to-text Python SDK and derive a list of topics from it to quickly discover topics and meaning in text data.
TONYA SIMS • Shared by Tonya Sims

Please Do Not Use Python for Tooling

This opinion piece talks about how dependency management and the lack of an executable make Python a problematic choice for writing tools.

Projects & Code

ruff: An Extremely Fast Python Linter, Written in Rust


django-airplane: Cache CDN Files for Coding Offline


qt-async-threads: Spawn Threads Using Await in Qt

GITHUB.COM/NICODDEMUS • Shared by Bruno Oliveira

python-codext: Encode/Decode Anything


Regressio: Regression, Interpolation, and Smoothing Library



STL Python

September 7, 2022

NZPUG-Auckland: Crafting Software

September 7, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

September 7, 2022

PyCon SK 2022

September 9 to September 12, 2022

PyBay 2022 Conference

September 10, 2022 in San Francisco (Use code realpython25 for 25% off)

Happy Pythoning!
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