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Why Apple is building two different smartglasses platforms

A revolution is coming. And even the general public understands it has something to do with headsets, goggles or glasses.

But what is the reality of the coming revolution, exactly? Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (ER), mixed reality (XR)?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his company from “Facebook” to “Meta,” then miraculously convinced the media to refer to all of these realities as “the metaverse.” That marketing miracle also led many to view Zuckerberg as the leader — or, at least, the thought leader — of this new trend.

That’s why people were shocked (and Zuckerberg mocked) when Zuck shared a selfie from Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality game, as part of its European debut; instead of looking like the future, it looked like the 1990s. He later explained on Instagram that the graphics were “pretty basic”… “taken very quickly to celebrate a launch.”

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Source:: Computerworld