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Issue #540 (Aug. 30, 2022)

#540 – AUGUST 30, 2022

Building a URL Shortener With FastAPI and Python

In this video course, you’ll build an app to create and manage shortened URLs. Your Python URL shortener can receive a full target URL and return a shortened URL. You’ll also use the automatically created documentation of FastAPI to try out your API endpoints.

Flet: Flutter Apps in Python

Flutter is a UI framework for mobile, desktop, and web apps. Flet is a Python library for using Flutter. This podcast is an interview with Feodor Fitsner the creator of Flet.

Scout APM: A Performance Monitoring Tool Built for Developers

Scout’s always-on monitoring will keep you ahead of performance outliers and allow you to analyze increased response time. With dashboards that will help you drill down into specific endpoints, Scout will save you time and resources and give your developers time to build applications people love →
SCOUT APM sponsor

Phishing PyPI users: Compromised Projects Push Malware

PyPI is warning about a phishing campaign targeting its users; the attackers have compromised some legitimate projects to push malware. See also the original Tweet from PyPI.

Using Mypy in Production at Spring

Spring maintains Python software containing over 300k lines of code. This article discusses how they decided to start using Mypy and how it benefited them.

Heroku Removing Free Tier


100s of PyPI and npm Packages Affected With Cryptominers



PEP 669: Low Impact Monitoring for CPython

PEP 669 proposes an API for low cost profiling in CPython. This discussion is a deep dive in how it could be done.

Python Jobs

Django Developer (USA)

Abnormal Security

Python Developer (Anywhere)

SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer, Python Backend (Anywhere)


Software Development Lead (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Software Engineer Backend/Python (Anywhere)


Software Engineer (LA or Dallas, USA)

Causeway Capital Management LLC

Backend Software Engineer (Anywhere)


Enterprise GIS Data Engineer (Information Systems Analyst) (San Jose, CA, USA)

City of San Jose

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

IEEE Says Python’s #1, Employers Seek SQL

IEEE Spectrum’s ninth annual Top Programming Languages ranking is out and Python ranks first, followed closely by C. The small surprise is the growth of SQL which ranked first in the job-listing ranks.

Asynchronous Tasks With Django and Celery

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Celery and Django using Redis as a message broker. You’ll refactor the synchronous email sending functionality of an existing Django app into an asynchronous task that you’ll run with Celery instead.

Your AI Opportunity Awaits

Python devs with AI training are rapidly advancing their careers while building the future. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills to tackle tomorrow’s technological challenges. Stand out in a competitive economic environment with the Intel® Edge AI Certification →

Making Plots in Your Terminal With Plotext

This article shows you how to use the plotext package to quickly plot data from your terminal. It describes a small project that uses requests to fetch data from an API and plotext to graph it.

Memory Management in Python

This three-part series covers how memory management works in Python, including pointers and references, immutables, object ids, how CPython knows when to delete things through reference counting, and the __del__ method.

How to Check if a Python String Contains a Substring

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the best way to check whether a Python string contains a substring. You’ll also learn about idiomatic ways to inspect the substring further, match substrings with conditions using regular expressions, and search for substrings in pandas.

Python-Pandas Cheat Sheet: 30 Functions & Methods

A quick overview of 30 of the most common functions and methods in Pandas, including file loading, counting rows and columns, finding unique items, filtering, and lots more.

The Rising Popularity of Python

Survey after survey shows Python at or near the top of the most popular languages and rising. See the latest places where your favorite language is topping the charts.

Find Your Next Tech Job Through Hired

Hired has 1000s of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s that are actively hiring developers, data scientists, mobile engineers, and more. Create a profile with your skills and preferences for hiring managers to reach you. Sign up today!
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Joyful Python with the REPL

REPL Driven Development is a workflow that makes coding both joyful and interactive. It’s even better than TDD. Read how to add IPython to your development process.
DAVID VUJIC • Shared by David Vujic

Python’s exec(): Execute Dynamically Generated Code

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Python’s built-in exec() function to execute code that comes as either a string or a compiled code object.

Projects & Code

EasyMocap: Make Human Motion Capture Easier


design-resources-for-devs: List of Design and UI Resources


redis-search-django: Search Django ORM With RediSearch

GITHUB.COM/SAADMK11 • Shared by Maksudul Haque

Manim: Python Library for Creating Mathematical Animations

MANIM.COMMUNITY • Shared by Jim Dennis

xonsh: Unix Shell With Python Integration

XON.SH • Shared by Jim Dennis


EuroSciPy 2022

August 29 to September 3, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

August 31, 2022

Heidelberg Python Meetup

August 31, 2022

Canberra Python Meetup

September 1, 2022

PyBay 2022 Conference

September 10, 2022 in San Francisco (Use code realpython25 for 25% off)

Happy Pythoning!
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