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Issue #539 (Aug. 23, 2022)

#539 – AUGUST 23, 2022

Understanding async Python for the Web

“Recently Django 4.1 was released, and the thing most people seem interested in is the expanded async support. The Python web ecosystem has been seeing new frameworks pop up which are fully async, or support going fully async, from the start.” Learn more about async and its use in web frameworks.

GitHub Copilot: Fly With Python at the Speed of Thought

In this tutorial, you’ll get your hands dirty with GitHub Copilot, a virtual pair programmer powered by artificial intelligence trained on billions of lines of code. You’ll explore several practical use cases in Python for this amazing productivity tool.

Put Your Python Skills to Work in AI

Know Python? Of course, you do. With your Python programming skills, you can take on the latest real-world challenges to learn about AI development and earn a chance to win great prizes. Ready to seize the opportunity to advance your AI career →

Writing Snake in 12 Lines of PyTorch

Using linear algebra and tensor operations, Elias has emulated the classic game of “Snake”. This is a fun way to learn more about PyTorch and NumPy.


Best Way to Get Into Machine/Deep Learning?


How Do You Decide Which Language/Tech Stack to Learn?


Python Jobs

Software Development Lead (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

University of Michigan

Software Engineer – Backend/Python (100% Remote) (Anywhere)


Software Engineer (Los Angeles or Dallas) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Causeway Capital Management LLC

Backend Software Engineer (Anywhere)


Backend Engineering Manager (Anywhere)


More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

How to Find an Absolute Value in Python

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to calculate the absolute value in Python using the built-in abs() function. You’ll also implement the corresponding mathematical formulas from scratch. Finally, you’ll change the behavior of abs() in your own classes by hooking into Python’s interface.

Caching in Python With lru_cache

Caching is an essential optimization technique. In this video course, you’ll learn how to use Python’s @lru_cache decorator to cache the results of your functions using the LRU cache strategy. This is a powerful technique you can use to leverage the power of caching in your implementations.

Connect, Integrate, & Automate Your Data – From Python or Any Other Application

At CData, we simplify connectivity between the application and data sources that power business, making it easier to unlock the value of data. Our SQL-based connectors streamline data access making it easy to access real-time data from on-premise or cloud databases, SaaS, APIs, NoSQL, and Big Data→

Build a Signaling System for Your Crypto Assets

Databutton is an open source framework you can use to rapidly build, distribute and collaborate on apps, APIs, and models. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to build and deploy a tool that can help you decide when to buy or sell your crypto assets using Python, Streamlit, and Databutton.
BJÖRN LAPAKKO • Shared by Geir Arne Hjelle

Achieving High Performance With Code Generation

Not for the faint of heart, this article talks about how to write code that writes byte-code in order to achieve higher performance. It builds on an old technique popular in the 80’s that can have a new life through Python’s byte-code.

Why You Should Be Using Python’s Walrus Operator

Python’s controversial assignment expression, known as the walrus operator, can improve your code. It’s time you start using it. Learn how and where to use it and how it makes your code more readable.
MARTIN HEINZ • Shared by Martin Heinz

How to Query Datasette Servers Without Writing a Line of SQL

Ibis lets users write dataframe-like queries, and execute them on various SQL backends. Datasette lets users wrap SQLite databases with a public SQL API. Combine them and you get an excellent tool for exploring open data.
JIM CRIST-HARIF • Shared by Jim Crist-Harif

Read a CSV File From S3 Without Saving It to the Disk

Ever have to write a one-off script that grabs content from S3? Learn how to use boto3 with the tempfile module and a context manager so that download doesn’t linger around.

Deepnote: Collaborative, Jupyter-Compatible Data Science Notebooks

Answering analytics problems is no simple task—it takes working with data sources, coding in multiple languages, creating data visualizations, and sharing with stakeholders. Deepnote helps you do that and more—all from the comfort of a browser.
DEEPNOTE sponsor

Using HTTPie and Printing HTTP Request

Learn how to use HTTPie to quickly grab things over HTTP. Examples include requesting JSON from APIs, using DuckDuckGo in Tamil, authorizing requests, cookies, and lots more.
KRACEKUMAR • Shared by kracekumar

Understanding Pickle in Python

The pickle module is used for serialization of Python objects. Learn what can be pickled, what can’t be pickled, and what to do if something isn’t pickle-able.

Projects & Code

discoart: Create Disco Diffusion Artworks in One Line


Python f-Strings Number Formatting Cheat Sheet


Single Persistent Data Models with Pydbantic

GITHUB.COM/CODEMATION • Shared by Joshua Jamison

Asyncer: Utility Functions for Working With Async Python


python-ds: Repo for Interview Preparation

GITHUB.COM/PRABHUPANT • Shared by Prabhu Pant


PiterPy Breakfast

August 24, 2022

PyKla Monthly Meetup

August 24, 2022

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

August 24, 2022

PyCon Estonia

August 25 to August 26, 2022

SPb Python Drinkup

August 25, 2022

PyBay 2022 Conference

September 10, 2022 in San Francisco (Use code realpython25 for 25% off)

Happy Pythoning!
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