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Canva launches Whiteboards for graphic designers’ predesign process

Graphics software provider Canva has announced the launch of Canva Whiteboards, enabling users to workshop, brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues directly inside the Canva platform.

Customers who want to use the new whiteboarding tool need to first open a new Canva Presentation, right-click on a slide, and click “expand to whiteboard.” They can then add and react to ideas with the new Whiteboards panel by using stickies, voting graphics, shapes and lines. Users will also have access to Canva’s library of 100 million images, videos, audio tracks, which can be added onto a whiteboard.

If a planning session is time sensitive, Canva’s new synced timer feature will show users how long the session has been going on. Special alerts let teams know when they have 10 seconds left in a session, and when the time’s up.

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Source:: Computerworld