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As technology evolves, obsolescence is a given

Yesterday, July 31, 2022, was actually a unique day in technology for those of a certain age. It was the “birthday” of one George Jetson of Saturday morning cartoon fame. “The Jetsons,” set in 2062, was all about what life would be like in the future (at a time when George was 40 years old). The show only lasted one season (24 episodes) but it had an oversized impact on how we think about technology.

While we don’t have jetpacks, flying cars, robotic maids or moving sidewalks — yet — slowly but surely, technology is entering every part of our life. Many of the items we rely on today are reflected in the technology George Jetson used: flat-screen televisions, video chats (or Facetime), smartwatches, drones (young Elroy looks like he’s in a drone heading to school), vacuums that operate themselves, digital newspapers, and talking alarm clocks.

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Source:: Computerworld