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5 out-of-sight superpowers for Google Contacts on Android

Quick: What’s the most exciting app on your Android phone right now?

Just a hunch here, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Google Contacts probably wasn’t your answer. And why would it be? Your phone’s virtual Rolodex is about as exhilarating as a trip to the endodontist. Plus, our mobile devices have had systems for managing our contacts since way back in the prehistoric days, so it certainly doesn’t seem like something to celebrate.

Hold the phone, though — ’cause Android’s current contacts setup is much more than just a dusty ol’ place to dump names and numbers. The Google Contacts app has some genuinely useful advanced options that can make your life easier and make your phone more intelligent. And all you’ve gotta do is dig ’em up and start putting ’em to use.

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Source:: Computerworld