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PixieBrix: A crafty tool that lets you tailor any website for your team

This wacky ol’ World Wide Web of ours has plenty of good things going for it, but customization isn’t exactly its core strength.

For the most part, the web is what it is — a take-it-or-leave-it sort of affair. And especially when your business leans on lots of browser-based tools and services, as so many companies do these days, that can really limit how useful and efficient of an experience you and your teammates can have.

That’s precisely the problem a startup called PixieBrix set out to solve. PixieBrix lets you take total control of the web and make it work any way you want. That means you can simplify common website interfaces to eliminate distractions and optimize your environment, for one — but even more powerfully, it means you can add elements into websites and turn any standard site into your own custom, company-specific workspace.

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Source:: Computerworld