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Low-code development becoming business skill ‘table stakes’

A shortage of software developers and IT workers in general is forcing businesses to turn to “citizen developers” within their organizations to create business applications supporting digital transformation efforts.

Finding workers with software development skills, or training them in-house, is becoming a priority, according to John Bratincevic, a senior analyst at Forrester. When speaking with business clients, he says, the most common question he gets is how they can stand up and scale a citizen development strategy.

What makes citizen development possible is a raft of low-code and no-code development platforms, which enable business users with little to no coding experience to develop apps based on business needs. Companies are leveraging these platforms to create “hundreds or thousands of citizen developers in their organizations. They want to know how to nurture people, so they become really skilled in low-code,” Bratincevic said. 

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Source:: Computerworld