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BrandPost: How Confident Are You That Your Devices Can Support Work from Anywhere?

“Work from Anywhere” is no longer an aspiration but an increasingly everyday business reality for organisations of every size. New research shows that remote/hybrid working and learning are trends set to stay, with one study finding 51% of employees reporting flexible working arrangements in their existing role, and 37% of organisations seeing an increase in requests in the last six months alone (CIPD 2022).

To harness the potential of this new reality necessitates a shift in cultural norms and mindsets, coupled with the optimisation of technology to enable critical outcomes across collaboration, productivity, work-life balance, retention/recruitment, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. Expectations around technology “wants and needs” have accelerated too, to the extent that some 49% of employees report being frustrated by the technology provided by their employer, and 26% considering leaving their job because of it (Ivanti 2022). At the same time, IT teams are navigating increased workloads and complexity, along with issues of “tool sprawl” (JumpCloud 2022).  

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Source:: Computerworld