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What’s coming in Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 version 22H2, the first feature update to Windows 11 since its introduction in October 2021, is expected to be officially released sometime this fall, likely in October. (The “22” stands for the year 2022, and “H2” means it’s being released in the second half of the year.) Microsoft has already issued a version of it to the Release Preview Channel of the Windows 11 Insider Program; Build 22621 is expected to be close to the final version, if not the final one.

When 22H2 gets its final release, we’ll give it a full-blown review. However, if you want a sneak peek, we’ve looked at the version in the Release Preview Channel, as well as some features introduced in later builds released to the Beta and Dev Channels that might make it into the final release. Based on that, here is what you can expect when the official version hits.

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Source:: Computerworld