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What to do if the Mac you need is delayed?

In the run up to last week’s Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), a concerning problem hit people trying to order new Macs. For some configurations, customers were told they would have to wait until August to get their new machines. Granted, many of these delays involve systems with added memory or storage. But you can’t upgrade many Macs after you buy them, so – for some – this problem is not trivial.

How bad is the problem? Apple’s 14- and 16-in. MacBook Pro laptops, which have been on sale since last fall, are weeks out from delivery. If you order now, you’ll have to wait until at least July 28, and maybe well into August, before the new hardware arrives. Even worse: the base 24-in. iMac, if ordered now, won’t be in hand for “nine to 10 weeks,” according to Apple’s online store. (Higher-end iMacs are available right away, however.)  

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Source:: Computerworld