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The Android clipboard enhancement you didn’t know you needed

Unless you’re an exceptionally quirky creature, your phone’s clipboard probably isn’t something you spend a ton of time contemplating.

And really, why would you? It’s just an invisible layer that works quietly in the background and supports a relatively mundane system function.

Keep a pinch of your contemplation energy available, though, ’cause my goodness: A teensy bit of attention to your phone’s clipboard now can enhance your Android-using experience in some pretty powerful ways. And you’ll enjoy those enhancements for months or maybe even years to come.

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Fittingly enough, Google itself is turning its focus to the Android clipboard in the upcoming Android 13 release. As we discussed in my newsletter on Friday, Android 13 will introduce a slew of genuinely useful clipboard-centric enhancements, all revolving around a new clipboard pop-up that appears anytime you copy something on your phone.

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Source:: Computerworld