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AWS Security Hub now receives AWS Config managed and custom rule evaluation results

AWS Security Hub now automatically receives AWS Config managed and custom rule evaluation results as security findings. AWS Config allows security and compliance professionals to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of their AWS resources via Config rules, which evaluate the compliance of AWS resources against specified policies. Examples of resource misconfigurations detected by Config rules include publicly-accessible Amazon S3 buckets, unencrypted EBS volumes, and overly-permissive IAM policies. When a Config rule evaluation passes or fails, you will now see a ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ finding for that evaluation in Security Hub. Any updates to the status of the Config rule evaluation will be automatically updated in the Security Hub finding. This new integration between Security Hub and AWS Config expands the centralization and single pane of glass experience by consolidating your Config evaluation results alongside your other security findings, allowing you to more easily search, triage, investigate, and take action on your security findings.

Source:: Amazon AWS