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Amazon EMR 6.6 adds support for Apache Spark 3.2, HUDI 0.10.1, Iceberg 0.13, Trino 0.367, PrestoDB 0.267, and more

Amazon EMR release 6.6 now supports Apache Spark 3.2, Apache Spark RAPIDS 22.02, CUDA 11, Apache Hudi 0.10.1, Apache Iceberg 0.13, Trino 0.367, and PrestoDB 0.267. You can use the performance-optimized version of Apache Spark 3.2 on EMR on EC2, EKS, and recently released EMR Serverless. In addition Apache Hudi 0.10.1 and Apache Iceberg 0.13 are available on EC2, EKS, and Serverless. Apache Hive 3.1.2 is available on EMR on EC2 and EMR Serverless. Trino 0.367 and PrestoDB 0.267 are only available on EMR on EC2. 

Source:: Amazon AWS