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Why you should pay more attention to Apple’s green slide

At every Apple product launch, the company demonstrates a green slide in which it talks about things like energy use and recycling. I’ve noticed way too many people seem to ignore that slide, but it may be one of the most important ones you see at every product introduction.

Let me explain why.

Sustainability has become a business imperative for virtually every enterprise, from resource gathering to recycling and every step in between. Like many companies, Apple is developing sustainable business practices across its entire operation.

Zooming out, what strategic lessons can business leaders take from its approach?

Work with your partners

Apple’s environmental reports show it understands that to meet some of the environmental challenges of sustainable business, it isn’t enough just to improve the company’s own operations — it must also take steps to help partners and suppliers improve their own processes. In Apple’s case, this means working with smaller partners to build better business practices; the company’s recent announcement that its supply chain has doubled the use of clean power is part of that investment.

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Source:: Computerworld