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The missing piece in Google’s Pixel puzzle

All right, stop me if you’ve heard this before: Google’s about to get serious about hardware.

Yeah, yeah — I know. I’ll pause for a second while you regain your composure.

Look, I’m a huge fan of what Google’s trying to do with its Pixel products. If you’ve read my ramblings for long (or seen the NSFW multicolored “P”-logo tattoos on various parts of my person), you know how I feel about the Pixel’s place in the Android ecosystem and the critical role it plays. (Just kidding about the tattoos, by the way.) (For now.)

But the truth is that we’ve been hearing the “Google’s about to get serious about hardware” line for a long time now — over and over and over again. At a certain point, you’ve gotta ask: “Uh, gang? When is this actually starting?!”

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Source:: Computerworld