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Pure Storage, Snowflake partner for on-premises data warehousing

Pure Storage and data-warehouse developer Snowflake have partnered to bring Snowflake’s cloud-based data-warehousing technology on-premises.

Under the new relationship, the Snowflake Data Cloud compute engine will be run on Pure Storage’s FlashBlade file- and object-storage array. Pure has another line of storage devices, called FlashArray, but those serve a different purpose, notes Rob Lee, CTO of Pure Storage.

“I look at FlashArray as our scale-up platform, and FlashBlade as our scale out platform,” he said. “We tend to see FlashArray applied much more to transactional database-type workloads, like OLTP, trading databases, billing databases, where you have high update rates, and we tend to see FlashBlade applied to data warehouses or analytics types of environments where you don’t have a ton of transactional change, but you’ve got a lot of analysis, a lot of read-type workloads,” he said.

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Source:: Network World – Data Center