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Our growing Developer Platform partner ecosystem

Our growing Developer Platform partner ecosystem

Deploying an application to the cloud requires a robust network, ample storage, and compute power. But that only covers the architecture, it doesn’t include all the other tools and services necessary to build, deploy, and support your applications. It’s easy to get bogged down in researching whether everything you want to use works together, and that takes time away from actually developing and building.

Cloudflare is focused on building a modern cloud with a developer-first experience. That developer experience includes creating an ecosystem filled with the tools and services developers need.

Deciding to build an application starts with the planning and design elements. What programming languages, frameworks, or runtimes will be used? The answer to that question can influence the architecture and hosting decisions. Choosing a runtime may lock you into using specific vendors. Our goal is to provide flexibility and eliminate the friction involved when wanting to migrate on to (or off) Cloudflare.

You can’t forget the tools necessary for configuration and interoperability. This can include areas such as authentication and infrastructure management. You have multiple pieces of your application that need to talk with one another to ensure a secure and seamless experience. We support and build standards for compatibility and to simplify the configuration and interoperability when deploying your applications.

During the build process and after your application has been deployed, it is essential to test and verify that things are working properly. This is where logging, analytics, and alerting come in. Having the ability to quickly be notified when something isn’t working properly is part of the equation. The other part is reducing the context switching among various debugging tools and applications to quickly resolve the issue.

And finally, improving your application through iterating and extending functionality. This can come from adding plug-ins from third party providers, running A/B tests to determine whether a feature is moving in the right direction, or not.

At Cloudflare our mission is to help build a better Internet, all of these elements are necessary to achieve this. Our focus is on providing the network, storage, and compute power to deliver apps. We look to partners to help in the other areas and provide an ecosystem. Our intention with this strategy is to get out of the way, so developers can build faster and safer.

To achieve our mission we look for partners with similar philosophies. We’ve previously announced integrations around

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    Troubleshooting is key in the developer workflow. True observability means having an end-to-end view of an entire system, inclusive of third-party integrations and deployments. By combining real-time data with data from other logging and monitoring endpoints, customers can get robust, instant feedback into how their website and how applications are performing all in one place.“Teams using Cloudflare Workers with Splunk Observability get full-stack visibility and contextualized insights from metrics, traces and logs across all of their infrastructure, applications and user transactions in real-time and at any scale. With Splunk Observability, IT and DevOps teams now have a seamless and analytics-powered workflow across monitoring, troubleshooting, incident response and optimization. We’re excited to partner with Cloudflare to help developers and operations teams slice through the complexity of modern applications and ship code more quickly and reliably.”
    — Jeff Lo, Director of Product Marketing, Splunk“Maintaining a strong security posture means ensuring every part of your toolchain is being monitored – from the datacenter/VPC, to your edge network, all the way to your end users. With Datadog’s partnership with Cloudflare, you get edge computing logs alongside the rest of your application stack’s telemetry – giving you an end to end view of your application’s health, performance and security.”
    — Michael Gerstenhaber, Sr. Director, Datadog“Reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues faster with an integrated observability platform for all of your Cloudflare data, including its Workers serverless platform. By using Cloudflare Workers with Sumo Logic, customers can seamlessly correlate system issues measured by performance monitoring, gain deep visibility provided by logging, and monitor user experience provided by tracing and transaction analytics.”
    — Abelardo Gonzalez, Director of Product Marketing, Sumo Logic“Monitoring your Cloudflare Workers serverless environment with New Relic lets you deliver serverless apps with confidence by rapidly identifying when something goes wrong and quickly pinpointing the problem—without wading through millions of invocation logs. Monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on all your Workers apps in a single experience.”
    — Raj Ramanujam, Vice President, Alliances and Channels, New Relic“With Cloudflare Workers and Sentry, software teams immediately have the tools and information to solve issues and learn continuously about their code health instead of worrying about systems and resources. We’re thrilled to partner with Cloudflare on building technologies that make it easy for developers to deploy with confidence.”
    — Elain Szu, Vice President of Marketing, Sentry“Honeycomb is excited to partner with Cloudflare as they build an ecosystem of tools that support the full lifecycle of delivering successful apps. Writing and deploying code is only part of the equation. Understanding how that code performs and behaves when it is in the hands of users also determines success. Cloudflare and Honeycomb together are shining the light of observability all the way to the edge, which helps technical teams build and operate better apps.”
    — Charity Majors, CTO & Co-Founder, Honeycomb

    And we are just getting started. Over the last 10 years, Cloudflare has built one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure networks in the world. We are now enabling developers to build on that network using best in class products seamlessly. Visit our Developer Platform Partner Ecosystem directory for more information on integrations.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how to partner with us, reach out to us by filling out this quick form.

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