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Introducing more flexible AWS Device Qualification Program for FreeRTOS

Introducing an updated and more flexible AWS Device Qualification Program (DQP) for FreeRTOS that aligns with the modular structure of the latest FreeRTOS and Long Term Support (LTS) library releases. The AWS DQP for FreeRTOS allows microcontroller (MCU) vendors to verify their integration of FreeRTOS AWS IoT libraries running on a specific MCU-based development board against AWS’s published best practices for AWS IoT Core connectivity, and against tests specified by the qualification program. Previously, to qualify their development boards, MCU vendors had to structure their projects around a fixed directory structure and repository. Now, MCU vendors have the flexibility to include only the FreeRTOS libraries directly relevant to their application, choose the project structure and repository that best use their toolchains, and run tests relevant to their board features. By using AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS, MCU vendors can run the mandatory tests specified by AWS DQP and validate their FreeRTOS ports. With this program, developers can more confidently enable connectivity for their designs knowing that the FreeRTOS ports have been validated for AWS IoT connectivity, interoperability, updateability, and improved security.

Source:: Amazon AWS