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Arkansas engineer wins round 3 of Project Jengo, and Cloudflare continues to win at the Patent Office

Arkansas engineer wins round 3 of Project Jengo, and Cloudflare continues to win at the Patent Office

We are excited to announce another Project Jengo winner, and provide you with an important update on our fight against Sable Networks.

As a reminder,

Sable has one less weapon in its arsenal as it admits defeat on a patent!

As part of our fight against Sable, we’ve been involved in a year-long process before the US Patent Office called Inter Partes Review (or “IPR”) with the goal of invalidating patents held by Sable Networks. You can check out our blog post from 2017 that outlines how the IPR process works. In our last blog post, we were pleased to announce that the Patent Office agreed to institute IPR on some of Sable’s patents. Today, we’re even happier to announce that we’ve officially killed off Sable’s ‘932 patent.

Once the Patent Office agrees to review the validity of a patent, the owner of the patent typically files a brief defending the validity of its patent (because if you own it you should think it’s valid, right?). But in this case, instead of explaining to the Patent Office why its ’932 patent is valid (or why Cloudflare is wrong), Sable simply decided to voluntarily cancel all claims of the patent. Since there is no claim left for the Patent Office to review, the IPR should be terminated soon, and we’ve effectively obtained the full relief requested!

This is a big win for anyone concerned with abuse of the patent system, including all the companies that Sable Networks previously attacked with this patent, including Dell, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks, Aruba Networks, amongst others. Yes, as absurd as it sounds, this patent has been used by Sable Networks to help squeeze out settlements from numerous productive technology companies. This victory means that Sable has one less patent to try to leverage in its attempts to abuse the patent system.

Coinbase announces that it will fight back against patent trolls

As we mentioned in our February blog post, part of our goal with Project Jengo is to spread the word that targets of these trolls can and should fight back and win. That’s why we were thrilled to see a recent blog post from Coinbase announcing that the company is following Cloudflare’s lead when it comes to pushing back on patent trolls. Trolls count on easy targets to fund their operations through settlements, so it’s great news that a major company like Coinbase has made clear that it will refuse to capitulate and will instead fight back.

Please keep your submissions coming!

We could not have gotten to this point without the help of the many Project Jengo participants. We have received hundreds of prior art references on Sable’s ten patents, and we have used many of those references in our efforts to kill off the patents that Sable asserted against us.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Project Jengo for supporting the broader community and helping us take down a patent troll. If you haven’t participated yet, please consider submitting to our prior art contest.

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