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Apple is the latest example of how the remote work fight has gone lunatic

The emerging corporate pushback against working from remote locations (otherwise known, unfortunately, as work from home) is nothing shy of self-destructive and bizarre. I say this because it comes at the same time enterprises struggle to attract and retain the talent they need during a major talent shortage.

It’s as though C-level execs argued to their boards: “This worker shortage is hurting us badly and it must be fixed. But as long as we’re here, let’s make the shortage much worse by undermining our remote worker policy.”

Apple is a terrific example because the nature of its operations are perfectly suited to a distributed workforce and it has seen firsthand all of the benefits — and virtually none of the downsides — during the past two years. And yet, down the “let’s bring our workers back into corporate buildings” rabbit hole it plunged. 

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Source:: Computerworld