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5 ways COVID-19 has changed healthcare IT

Two years of COVID-19 has changed how many organizations and their IT departments function. The shift in priorities, particularly when it comes to issues like supporting remote and hybrid work models, has cut across industries. But one sector — healthcare — has had a much different experience and different needs.

As someone who used to manage IT for a healthcare provider and has worked on a number of healthcare IT projects since then, I was curious to see what changes IT departments for hospitals and other medical facilities have had to invest in, and whether these changes will persist in a post-pandemic world.

All in this together

The biggest change I heard from both hospital IT staff and the doctors, nurses, and administrators they support is that the two groups are collaborating more than before COVID. This wasn’t something I expected at all. While many IT departments have bumpy relationships with their end users, the strain on the relationship in healthcare organizations is particularly acute and volatile.

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Source:: Computerworld