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3 clever new tricks to turn Google Docs into a collaboration superhub

Google’s annual I/O developers’ conference kicks off on Wednesday, and we’re sure to see all sorts of intriguing new stuff across the entire suite of Google services.

Here’s a little secret, though: You don’t have to wait ’til then to find something new and useful. Google rolls out game-changing additions to its apps and products almost constantly, all year long. Most of the goodies just show up with surprisingly little fanfare and end up getting lost in the shuffle.

That’s why today, as we sit patiently and twiddle our collective thumbs ahead of Google’s big ol’ honkin’ announcement extravaganza, I want to draw your attention to a series of spectacular additions in the oft-dusty Google Docs domain. These new features quietly crept into the software over the past several weeks, but most mere mortals would have no way of even knowing.

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Source:: Computerworld