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Remote work and the end of super-commuting

Years ago, my wife decided to take a one-year course in holistic health counseling. The trouble is, the course was in New York City — and we lived at the time in Santa Barbara, CA. So she flew once a week to New York to attend classes — a hefty commute to the Big Apple.

She was a “super-commuter.” A person who travels for 90 minutes or more each way to work (or school).

Super-commuting used to be associated in the public mind mainly with senior executives who lived beyond the boundaries of urban and suburban centers, who would drop in once or twice a week, commuting by car or airplane. It was seen as a glamorous perk.

But the reality is that millions of workers super-commute every day because they live in over-priced, overcrowded cities with poor public transportation options.

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Source:: Computerworld