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John Deere gets more connected with Samsara integration

Agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere this week announced a new level of integration with Samsara Vehicle Gateways, which should allow farmers a greater degree of real-time insight into vehicles that support the farm gear.

The new integration works through JDLink, John Deere’s in-house connectivity layer for remote management and monitoring agricultural equipment. JDLink, via a phone or web app, can show remote diagnostic information, track machinery geographically, and provide a host of other remote monitoring features.

Integrating Samsara’s vehicle gateways – edge devices that can be equipped on any vehicle to track engine diagnostics, GPS position, and many other pieces of operational data – means that JDLink can be used to track a much wider array of support vehicles necessary for modern agriculture, not just John Deere’s own machines, which have native support for the system.

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Source:: Network World – IoT