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Edge computing moves toward full autonomy

Edge computing is rapidly shedding its reputation as a fringe concept, and both adopters and vendors are focusing their sights on the technology’s next goal: fully autonomous deployment and operation.

The edge deployment experience is drawing closer to the simplicity of unboxing a new mobile phone, says Teresa Tung, cloud first chief technologist at IT advisory and consulting firm Accenture. “We’re seeing automated technology that simplifies handling the edge’s unique complexity for application, network, and security deployments.”

The ability to create and manage containerized applications enables seamless development and deployment in the cloud, with the edge simply becoming a specialized location with more stringent resource constraints, Tung says. “Self-organizing and self-healing wireless mesh communications protocols, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, ISA100.11a, or WirelessHART can create networks where devices can be deployed ad hoc and self-configure.”

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Source:: Network World – Data Center