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ClickUp adds Whiteboards to its collaboration platform

Productivity platform ClickUp has added a Whiteboards feature today, enabling more visual collaboration for distributed teams to present and brainstorm ideas.

ClickUp Whiteboards will form part of the wider ClickUp portfolio of collaboration tools, which includes Tasks, Docs, Goals, and Dashboards. The whiteboards are native to the ClickUp platform, meaning users will be able to incorporate any work undertaken on a whiteboard into their existing workflows immediately.

Alongside providing a space for teams to come together and map out their ideas, the digital, interactive canvas offers real-time collaboration capabilities to distributed teams. Workers will have complete visibility into all team members’ edits and cursor movements and will be able to add content to the whiteboard in a variety of ways, including drawings, text with rich formatting, shapes, sticky notes, images, and other media files.

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Source:: Computerworld