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Amazon Personalize now supports resource tagging

Today we are announcing support for tagging of Amazon Personalize resources to help simplify organization and cost management of resources. Amazon Personalize enables developers to improve customer engagement through personalized product and content recommendations – no ML expertise required. Tags are labels in the form of key-value pairs that may be attached to individual Amazon Personalize resources to search and filter resources, or allocate costs. For example, if you have multiple campaigns that are linked to different use cases on your website, you can set key as “Website” and value as “Home Page” or “Details page” to understand individual spend for each of the two campaigns. This functionality also allows customers with multi-tenant deployments to track spend among their end customers. Tagging functionality is available for several Amazon Personalize resources such as dataset groups, solutions, campaigns, recommenders, import jobs, batch inference, batch segment jobs and other resources. 

Source:: Amazon AWS