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With work-life ‘integration,’ say goodbye to the 9-5 workday

Organizations and employees are in the midst of discovering what it means to blend professional and personal life as the world slowly emerges from the grips of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Gone for many — particularly knowledge workers — is the old 9-to-5 workday, or even a pre-set five-day work week. The focus for many organizations now is on results — not how much time people spend achieving them.

Sales personnel are likely familiar with the concept; you’re assigned a quota, a territory, and a timeline in which to deliver results. How you do so is less important.

The same concept is now expanding to employees in information-intensive industries, such as technology and financial services firms. As a result, the traditional concept of a “work-life balance” — either you’re working or you’re engaging in personal and social activities — is being replaced with  “work-life Integration.”

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Source:: Computerworld