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USB-C explained: How to get the most from it (and why it still keeps getting better)

Now that you’re used to seeing co-workers, family, and strangers on planes use the oblong USB-C connector, it’s time to see just what this promising standard is capable of. As we approach its eighth birthday, the USB-C plug is now part and parcel of most current laptops, phones, and tablets. Even MacBooks, iPads, and Chromebooks are moving to USB-C.

In other words, we are well into the USB-C era, and the older rectangular USB Type-A plug we are so used to is slowly going the way of the dinosaur.

This evolution is happening faster in some arenas than others. For example, the latest Mac Studio desktop has no fewer than six USB-C ports, four of which are top-speed Thunderbolt 4 connections. On the other hand, Apple iPhones are stubbornly clinging to the company’s proprietary Lightning connector.

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