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AMD’s new EPYC chips are out, with bigger cache for intense workloads

AMD is adding four new processor SKUs to its EPYC (formerly codenamed Milan-X) lineup of high-end chips, building additional L3 cache capability onto the existing EPYC series.

The key new feature of the new 7773X, 7573X, 7473X, and 7373X chips, which were initially announced in a roadmap made public late last year, is in their physical construction — AMD refers to the new technique as 3D V-Cache. Where most processors are constructed with a single piece of silicon inside, the new AMD chips mount a second microprocessor die atop the first one, which allows for a larger L3 cache.

IDC’s research vice president for computing semiconductors, Shane Rau, said that this is an important feature for the very high-end applications that AMD is targeting with the EPYC series, which AMD groups under the rubric of “technical computing” — highly demanding enterprise workloads like modeling and visualization, as well as academic and scientific applications.

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Source:: Network World – Data Center