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The Windows 11 ‘push,’ revisited

In November, I wrote about several people who reported they’d been pushed Windows 11. (At the time, I wasn’t sure why they found themselves with Windows 11 installed — and they weren’t sure why either. )

Since then, I’ve had other people reach out and credibly relate how they came back to find their computer either wanting a reboot or already running Windows 11. They said they had not accepted or requested the upgrade. At the same time, I can’t independently verify this behavior. In my testing, I use a Windows 10 machine with the built-in Microsoft Defender. I can’t prove that Microsoft is pushing Windows 11 to users, and I can’t prove it’s not. My suspicion now is that something third-party is triggering the install request. I’ve seen several reports in online forums, in posts, and on social media, but I have yet to replicate it on a computer under my control.

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Source:: Computerworld