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The Windows 11 feedback loop — what do users want most?

In addition to complaining about the hardware requirements for Windows 11, users who offer community feedback about the OS mainly want two things: a Taskbar menu that can be moved around and thumbnails for folders. Complaints and requests are easy to make; getting those pleas to the right people at Microsoft using the Feedback hub is more problematic.

As a reminder, Windows 11 has a centered Taskbar menu – that’s the default. (All prior versions of Windows had the menu to the left.) And as many have found since Windows 11’s release last year, teaching an old computer user new tricks takes time. Fortunately, the Taskbar settings can be used to change the alignment to the left. From the Windows 11 desktop, just right-click any blank space in the taskbar and then select Taskbar settings. In the right pane, click Taskbar behaviors. Select the Taskbar alignment drop-down and then change it from center to left.

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Source:: Computerworld