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Startup claims its passive data-center cooling system generates power

A Canadian startup called Infinidium Power claims it has a new data-center cooling system that will generate power from the heat generated by the servers deployed within it.

Infinidium claims its Next Generation Datacenter Cooling and Power Supply Infrastructure can reduce both operating and capital costs by as much as 50% through air cooling. It has its own compute containers called the Vortex Vacuum Chamber and a low-voltage direct-current smart Nanogrid, which saves power by not doing AC-to-DC conversion.

A video animation on the company’s site explains how the Vortex Vacuum Chamber sucks in cold air to a bell-shaped chamber where server boards are arranged in levels of circular racks. It uses a combination of the shape of the chamber and physics (warm air rises, cold air sinks) to generate power. Cool air is pulled into the chamber, and as heat generated by the servers warms the air it rises to a vent in the ceiling where it drives a turbine on its way out, generating power.

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Source:: Network World – Data Center