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Intel announces new roadmaps for Xeon CPUs, Xe GPUs

At this year’s Intel’s investors’ day meeting with Wall Street analysts, CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed new road maps for Xeon CPUs and Xe GPUs that you would typically expect to see reveals at an IDF show that stretches through 2024.

Most notable about the Xeon news is that for the first time, Intel is bifurcating the processor line into two microarchitecture types. The two types are a continuation of the current design, and a whole new architecture based on the Alder Lake hybrid architecture currently used in client CPUs.

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Adler Lake uses a different core design than traditional Intel CPUs have used. Up to now, Intel cores have all been the same, identical. But Adler Lake uses two types of cores; the performance core used to do the computing, and the efficient core, used to do small background tests that don’t require a high-performance core. This is hardly an original design; Arm has been doing for years.

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Source:: Network World – Data Center