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Furnishing the work-from-home office

When I moved into a new home six years ago, I immediately staked out a small room next to the kitchen as my office. At first glance, it looked perfect: 120 square feet with a bright bay window and hard-wired Ethernet.

What I didn’t consider was everybody else’s needs. When kids got home from school, they stormed the kitchen and moved on to pillow-fighting in the adjacent family room. The noise level was so high that it became a topic of discussion during conference calls. I worked out of the town library for six months while we refinished the attic into an office.

A lot of people have been adjusting over the last couple of years as rooms were refashioned into makeshift workspaces. With many of us likely working out of our homes at least part-time for the long-term, setting up an office has become serious business that requires thought and money.

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Source:: Computerworld