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The golden age of computer monitors

Last summer I traded in my trusty but aging Dell XPS all-in-one desktop for a new HP Envy workstation. I was excited about taking advantage of the speedier processor and terabyte of solid-state storage. But what has really been transformative about the experience is the display. The 3840 × 2160 resolution (4K in industry lingo) effectively quadrupled the amount of screen space, making it possible to pack my desktop with more open windows than ever. The crisp graphics even make working with a full-screen Word document a joy.

When it comes to choosing a work computer, the monitor is usually the last thing people think of, but when you consider how many hours each year most of us spend staring at screens, the display is one of the most critical parts of the experience. Now that many of us are choosing our own devices for work, it’s worth looking at what’s coming down the line.

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Source:: Computerworld