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AWS Client VPN now supports banner text and maximum session duration

AWS Client VPN now provides the ability for all customers to display a customizable banner on the AWS Client VPN Desktop application when a VPN session is established. The banner text can contain privacy and security notices that will be displayed to end-users before granting VPN access. Customers will now be able to configure the banner text using the AWS Console or API, and be displayed on the AWS Client Desktop applications (AWS Client VPN for Windows v2.0.0 or higher, AWS Client VPN for MacOS v2.0.0 or higher, AWS Client VPN for Ubuntu Linux v2.0.0 or higher). Customers will also be able to configure the maximum session duration to can help them meet certain security and compliance requirements. The maximum session duration is a trigger by which end-users are required to re-authenticate prior to establishing a VPN session.

Source:: Amazon AWS