ACM Private CA Kubernetes cert-manager plugin is production ready

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Private Certificate Authority (CA) announces the release of Version 1.0 (v1.0) of the Private CA Kubernetes cert-manager plugin, an open source plugin for cert-manager that offers a secure certificate authority solution for Kubernetes containers. ACM Private CA is AWS’s managed and highly available private CA service, and cert-manager is a widely-adopted solution for TLS certificate management in Kubernetes. Customers who use cert-manager for certificate lifecycle management can use this plugin with ACM Private CA to improve security over the default cert-manager CA, which stores keys in plaintext in server memory. v1.0 of the plugin replaces v0.3.1 released in July 2021 and is production ready with new features, maintenance improvements, and bug fixes. With this release, we’ve added automated end-to-end integration testing that runs with each software change. This means any plugin changes from now on are automatically tested before being released. This improves quality and production-readiness. The plugin’s repository automatically makes releases available in an AWS-owned ECR repository, so customers always get the latest version of the plugin.

Source:: Amazon AWS